Revenge of the Giants Hamburg, NY

Brand New Totals

OK slugs. We have some brand new XP and GP totals and A CHALLENGE!

XP = 4667 each
GP = 40,000 each

And now the challenge – with tax season starting Mike will need a bried rest so we need an alternative GM. We can still play every other Friday but is someone willing to GM a small series of modules until tax season is over (Feb-April 15 roughly 5 sessions).

Options include

  1. Dark Sun mini game
  2. play some LFR
  3. each person runs one module each
  4. other

Our next meeting is this Friday and can Greg please host as my wife is having some folks over?

Who needs healing?

Good times were had by all (Greg had a great Sabres game and Shawn got to avoid another incompetent GM).

  • XP earned December 3rd was 11,000 so 1833 per PC
  • GP earned was 10,000 GP each (except Steve who thought his gem was worth roughly 17 GP and slightly more than a rock)
  • The big treasure of the night was the mount! FREAKING AWESOME! More details to follow from Mike in an e-mail.
Summary of Last Session?

Could someone put up information on treasure and XP gained in our last adventure? Thanks!

End of an Era

OK Gang. It was quite the slugfest last night for us and the Bills. This battle was supposed to be tough and drawn out and it was. We had a lightning round for chess followed by a two level battle. The highlight coming from AirRok Airlines – “Were we always stay grounded!”

The next session is now Sept 3rd with the following in place
  • Everyone is now 15th level
  • XP total is 57,000
  • GP total to this point is 6,600
  • Nick gets to pick a level 16 item
  • Everyone has a series of bonuses based upon the Argent set including initiative bonus of +5 and a daily teleport 5 power
And the biggest news of all
  • Air Walenza is now the GM

Thanks guys for the chance to GM for you all. I hope you liked the skill challenges and the Chaos Curse. It was fun and I am looking forward to playing a wizard.

Changes on the horizon

We had a successful session Friday with some tough combats, exciting skill challenges (I lied about that one as we did the old dice rolling) and some major announcements.

From the session The four PCs were able to take on and defeat Acererak and turn him into a Demi-Lich! They were able to teleport away just before he became active but not before Mike put a crack on his skull. It looks like we have the groups villian for future adventures!

For the records Each PC now has
  • 49,917 XP
  • 4917 GP
  • That means each PC is now 14th level. In the character builder make sure the campaign setting is set at LFR but add (under the campaign button under Manage) Revenge of the Giants as a source.

The star metal Thanks to Mike it became clear that there are only 5 items total to be crafted (an implement, a weapon, armor, helm and ring). So far the armor, weapon and ring are on the table). The implement and helm are still available. For those of the party wielding the items from the set gain +3 initiative and +3 to surges (which will increase the next time they add another item from the set). Argent will craft one more item after the Hill Giants and the last item after the visit to the Fey.

The option of upgrading the victors of the skill challenge one item from +3 to +4 is still there. So Jordan and Shawn, you can upgade any one item (your armor, implement, etc) to +4 at no cost!

The next few encounters The party has decided to take on the Hill Giant compound two levels higher than they should be but it will still be a challenge. You managed to attack the main gate but the compound is on alert. Choose wisely as there is little chance for an extended rest.

The choices to be made Upon returning from the Hill Giants you will have to undertake a diplomatic mission to the Court of Fallen Leaves – which resides in the Fey. This is when the Chaos Curse comes to an end!

The announcement Due to work issues (I am the last one standing in terms of administration as the Supt, Asst Supt and MS principal resigned I have been burdened with additional duties until replacements can be hired) I am officially handing over GM duties to Mike after the visit to the Fey. He will take the party through the second half of the module against the Frost and Fire Giants. I will help Mike with the maps and just show up to play.

The new addition Based upon some conversations with Mike, I will most likely make a wizard. The party looks like it has striker, leader and defender covered.
  • Cinder, a Tiefling pyromancer that burns everything – he layeth down the BOOM!

Thanks guys and we next play on July 16th!

A little bit of time (and consciousness) travel
Accounts of Ja'qui

As much as i don’t enjoy the presence of the blinding and, ironically enough, revealing Sun, I am starting to appreciate the enjoyment that can be found on the surface world. A few interesting things happened to us on our journey to find and retrieve the Sky Mettle. Obanar sent us to the lich in the mausoleum in Argent for guidance. The lich offered us the Silver Cloaks of the protectors of Argent… but we had to pass his test. He took each one of us aside and challenged us individually. Once alone, he turned his back on me and told me to strike him. For the first time i can remember, my blade failed me. Apparently I was not the only one to fail this test, for he did not offer us the Silver Cloaks as worthy defenders of Argent. With out the cloaks, ‘our journey to acquire the Sky Mettle will be more difficult’, or so he says. So far it hasn’t been too bad, other than a few odd events. The first thing, as we traveled below the mausoleum, we apparently traveled back several hundred or even thousand years in time. There we met some Lord or Guardian who did not recognize us and refused to let us pass. Apparently this is where actually being guardians of Argent and possessing the Silver Cloaks that show our rank would come in handy. Good thing I was able to bluff our way passed. Something about the leaders of Argent running out of cloaks, or us being on a secret mission or whatever. The good news in he bought it and furthered us on our way. As we came upon the first deposit of Sky Mettle, we noticed signs of a resent battle; scorch marks and gouges on the floors and walls. With Willow’s help, I was able to find and disable the trap protecting one of the deposits of Sky Mettle. That did not exactly have the desired affect because disabling the trap woke up the warforge guardians. This fight did not last long. After dropping a few of the warforge, the rest turned back to statues and continued their motionless existence. At that point we avoided the rest of the traps and made off with a few deposits of Sky Mettle. The second interesting thing happened during the next battle. We ascended (or was it descended, things a still a little fuzzy) further to find more Sky Mettle when we came across another group of guardians. This battle I’m sure would have progressed the same as the first except the Old Gnome Hag chose this moment reveal a new wrinkle in the Chaos Curse. This time our consciousness and bodies were separated and scrambled up. I ended up in the body of one of our goliaths and visa versa. Watching that slow witted monstrosity have complete control of my body was a bit unsettling. Only Lolth knows what would have happened if he destroyed my body. Watching this battle unfold and listening to what they had to say afterword, some of my stellar companions seemed very confused by this transformation. There was terrible communication, no one seemed to know what to do or how to use their new body. Occasionally someone would just stand still for seconds, passing up opportunities to attack. It is a good thing a few of us figured it out and used our new bodies to great affect. It must have been a shock for Norton to suddenly not have the need to breath or have a desire for food or drink or the caress of living flesh, and what, i wonder, went through Kyrie’s undead mind when he was in possession of a living, breathing body once again. Apparently they both shook off the shock of the transfer and fought well enough. For me it was just a matter of tactics and using my new found strength. What it lacks in finesse, the great axe sure makes up in power! Having said that, it was nice when after the battle we found ourselves back in our rightful bodies, and, surprisingly in my case, with no major injuries. Funny how one who claims he has been reborn hundreds of times couldn’t get the grasp of entering a new form. Isn’t that part of being a deva? Shouldn’t Steve Holt have been able to adjust to the transformation faster than the rest of us? No, instead he turned an often useful ally into a stationary shrub. I see more Sky Mettle and, most likely, more curious and hindering afflictions of the Chaos Curse in our future

Journal of Woodrow Willow - Day 125 of Spirit Journey

Dearest Foliole,

What a distressing day it has been! The curse bestowed upon us by the evil gnome spirit struck again during our most recent battle. Suddenly we found ourselves in the most horrible state of confusion! It was as if a dense, early-morning fog had settled within our minds. I couldn’t think of even the most basic commands to give to Little/Big Woody. Tactics were all but forgotten. Common sense was replaced by a crippling inability to act. It appeared our companions were similarly affected, so we shouted out advice to help them out. This proved to be a bad idea, for now we AND they were unable to act. Twice this happened before I and I learned to shut our knotholes. Eventually the fog lifted and we were ourselves again, but the experience was most unsettling. (Greg)

New Found Power

So our group of Chumpions was bashing through another dungeon. This one was in the past though. Don’t ask how, it just was, ok. There was this big door with some monsterish statue rocks that spit fire when we touched the door a lot. When we entered the room there were this big skeleton guys and some smaller nasty dead type things too. Then I remember a flash….....

I was suddenly filled with a new power. I believe it called intellect. It was amazing. I gained insights into how to properly use my powers, I remembered to use all my forward momentum when walking or charging. I frequently taunted and engaged ALL monsters adjacent to me. Hell, I even realized I was holding my axe backwards all this time. I was unstoppable, a juggernaut. Tactics were to become my new specialty…....

Then the flash thing happened again. We still won the fight ‘cause I once hit this monster thing the hardest I ever hit something in my life and it exploded in a shower of gore. Wonder what’s for dinner?


Old Gnome Woman Part III

Apparently this legend that was well understood by small children was lost on Warden Norton and his band of chumpions. Deciding that Gnomes alone were not ugly enough, they we drawn to the one eyed Hag like insects to certain death. Once they were within reach of her children, the mutterings of “That guy! Swarm! Swarm!” could barely be made out. Just like that her filthy disgusting children had surrounded Norton and stolen his coin pouch. Kyrie being the well mannered Assassin of the Raven Queen didn’t take kindly to this and stepped in to ‘negotiate’ with the little monster’s handler, the Hag. To no ones surprise things got a bit heated and Bubbles the hag dispatched Bubbles the stirge after Kyrie in retaliation. Acting before Norton had a chance to intervene and saving him the trouble, Kyrie made the stirge explode in a shower of gore. Bestowing the Chaos Curse upon Kyrie forever or possibly until his very likely death in the near future…(Steve)

"Gnome" Woman
Accounts of Kyrie

Reports of the Gnome woman vary, though I believe I have guessed her true origin and nature. Long ago, before my Queen took her seat in the pantheon, the gods argued over who’s followers were most devout. The debate raged for ages with all involved providing anecdotal evidence supporting their claims that their followers loved them most, but devotion can be tough thread to measure. Though exact details have passed beyond the memories of most, it was decided that a test must be enacted. Only through trial could the truth be discovered. Thus the gods created a gem. One side was rounded and looked like a large eye, while the other was multifaceted, with each surfaced attuned to one of the gods wills. This artifact allowed all the gods to see through the “eye”. In essence, the gods had created an aspect of judgment, charged with measuring devotion and doling out punishment to those found lacking. The aspect could assume any form it desired, though through time it appeared more frequently as a hag of a gnome woman. And why not? What more loathsome test of patience and devotion could be thought of than to put up with a gnome? So it came to pass that I was tested. When the gnome unleashed her stirge upon me I reacted. The problem was that I reacted for my own benefit and not for that of my Queen. Struggle as I may, there are still times when I am overtaken with the passions of my past self. My punishment was the Chaos Curse. Having learned from my mistake I strive even harder to regain Her good graces and prove myself a devout, worthy servant. I go forth, again, in service of The Queen


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