Revenge of the Giants Hamburg, NY

End of an Era

OK Gang. It was quite the slugfest last night for us and the Bills. This battle was supposed to be tough and drawn out and it was. We had a lightning round for chess followed by a two level battle. The highlight coming from AirRok Airlines – “Were we always stay grounded!”

The next session is now Sept 3rd with the following in place
  • Everyone is now 15th level
  • XP total is 57,000
  • GP total to this point is 6,600
  • Nick gets to pick a level 16 item
  • Everyone has a series of bonuses based upon the Argent set including initiative bonus of +5 and a daily teleport 5 power
And the biggest news of all
  • Air Walenza is now the GM

Thanks guys for the chance to GM for you all. I hope you liked the skill challenges and the Chaos Curse. It was fun and I am looking forward to playing a wizard.


Jeff, thanks so much for running the campaign up to this point. It has been great to be able to play again regularly (even if it is with the C Team). :-) I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun, and I am looking forward to continuing the fun with Mike (B-I-N-G-O) Barnes at the helm.

End of an Era

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